Model 1936 German SS Officer’s Ehrendegen (honour sword) by Krebs


Product Description

An early example of the rare SS officer’s honour sword by Krebs. Stamped with the Kulturzeichen intertwined sigrunnen within an octagon to the lower hilt and scabbard throat mounting. Solid nickel hilt fittings, screw-type pommel, and a separate threaded stepped nut all are in excellent condition. The grip is made from turned ebony wood with 13 grip segments separated by wrapped nickel wire and shows some loss of lacquer, however, retains 50% of its original covering. The runes button is set flush and shows great patina. The correct unmarked 84cm blade is in very good condition with no bends, chips or other damage (note: the white leather washer, this together with the unmarked blade and stamped hilt attributes the sword to the early manufacturer Pet. Dan. Krebs). The scabbard retains nearly 100% of the original black finish, the solid nickel upper and lower fittings show a light patina and retain most of its black background areas, the drag shows expected service wear and tear, the main body of the scabbard shows slight bending from use, however, the sword draws and re-sheaths with no resistance.
This is a fine and rare sword, very seldom encountered, with many US dealers retailing these for well over $10,000 US Dollars.
For any further information please refer to Thomas T. Wittman’s book on the daggers and swords of the German SS Pages 341 to 358.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 100 x 15 x 15 cm


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