Kosler Colt .45 Western frontier revolver antique brown grips & nickel metal finish


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This near scale replica single action fast draw model features a rotating and loadable cylinder with 6 brass finish bullet rounds, brown wooden grips, working single action and shell ejector. Comes in attractive heavy cardboard gift/ display box. Shells can take cap pistol caps to convert to cap pistol.

  • No license is required or permit needed to purchase from us. We post worldwide. JB Military Antiques is not responsible for any paperwork you may need to own this product in your locality. We can not give legal advice to anyone in regards to these replica firearms and suggest that if you have any questions, you contact your local Police Firearms branch for further details.

    The item is a replica weapon. It is designed to resemble in shape, size, weight and basic functionality the firearm it represents. It has basic working parts and or removable parts (check description) and is a genuine Denix/Spanish made item. The replica comes in its factory card box, with Denix catalogue. Whilst this replica can be cocked and ‘dry fired’, it cannot fire, nor can it be altered to fire live rounds. These are not intended to be used outside of your private residence and frequent use and or rough play may result in damage to the item which will not be covered by return warranty under Australian Consumer law.

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Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 cm


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