Republic of Ireland 1922 ‘casualty’ General Service Medal 1917 – 21


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Republic of Ireland 1922 ‘casualty’ General Service Medal 1917 – 21. Pin backed ribband clasp, named to reverse in the correct engraved style 131 MICHAEL MORRIS. Missing connecting suspension bar, medal ring being sewn directly to ribbon. Michael Morris was a Volunteer of the A.S.U. – South Wexford I.R.A. was Killed near Kyle Co. Wexford whilst on patrol on the 28th December 1922. Comes with full copied service file relating to applications made under the Army Pensions Acts by Richard Morris and Gertrude Lambert, in respect of their son and brother, respectively, IRA Private Michael Morris. Michael Morris was killed during the Civil War by the accidental discharge of his own rifle near Kyle, County Wexford on 28 December 1922. Morris was travelling cross country and climbing a gate when his rifle accidentally went off. According to material on file Michael Morris served with the IRA from 1920 onwards and during the War of Independence, Truce Period and Civil War. Includes handwritten statements and letters regarding Michael Morris’ service and death from Robert Lambert, Myles Harpur and Thomas Howlett.


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