PaperworkHere at JB Military Antiques we stock associated military history books, field pay books, autographed photographs, unit histories, award documents, newspapers and other related paperwork.
Collecting an individuals paperwork can sometimes be a mystery wrapped in a riddle, especially if you can’t read the actual language or hand writing of the author. However, with a bit of research and some hours of careful reading, you may just uncover a hidden gem, especially if the person was of importance to a military unit or was part of a special forces team.

papersOften collectors specialise in collecting items from a particular country or specific unit, so the prices for some items may be relatively cheap, such as a WW2 British pay book to a Royal Artilleryman, or rather pricey, especially German specialist units and organisations, such as the SS, which may fetch many hundreds of dollars.

werhpassMilitary books are a must have item, not only to snatch some time away from your pertners nagging, but also to appreciate the historical context of the item (s) in your collection. If you have ever wondered what era that particular medal was made, what it is made from, who it was awarded to or for what campaign awarded, then start researching this all through a good general or specialist collectors book. They are also a great reference for people wanting to pick up original, as opposed to reproduction militaria (see my guides relating to spotting fake militaria). With the steady rising in values of most antique militaria, the forgers and fraudsters are doing all they can to take your hard earned money and sell you a reproduction of the item you genuinely thought was an original. If you don’t want to be fooled, do your research, and my advice is to do it through a peer reviewed and edited book. Why a book you ask? Well, we all know that the internet is an amazing tool, however any person can freely give their opinion in a chat forum or on a website (such as this), however a book is fact checked, reviewed and proofed for accuracy, the internet is not always as carefully reviewed.